Working out how to warmup

Write your warm-up attempts on a piece of paper (in this case for snatch) assuming you are starting on 63Kg

20/2 30/2 40/2 45/2 45/2 50/1 55/1 60/1

The double is a power snatch followed by a full snatch


Look at the attempt board to see the starting weights

You 63Kg
Lifter A 50Kg
Lifter B 60Kg

Assume the other lifters will increase 5Kg per attempt and count the attempts till you are on

You 63
Lifter A 50 55 60
Lifter B 60 65 70

In this case there will be  4 lifts till you are on


Write your warm-up strategy on the warm-up sheet

Time From   Competition Start

Lifts till you are on
12 min 10 min 8 min 6 min 4 min 2 min 4 lifts out 2 lifts out
20/2 30/2 40/2 45/2 45/2 50/1 55/1 60/1


As the competition progresses keep an eye on the time and lifts that have been attempted by other competitors to work out when to perform each warm-up lift