Preparing for your First Comp

Here is some info which you should know



  • There will be a weigh in of 1 hour, followed by an hour break, followed by the lifting.e.g. If the session you are lifting in starts at 10AM your weigh in would be 8AM to 9AM – get there at 7.45AM
  • Wait outside the weigh in room until called in, as there is a specific order for weighing the competitors
  • Make sure you have photo id with your date of birth on in case its asked for.
  • Referees of the same gender as yourself will weigh you in – children can request a parent to be in the room as well
  • You must weigh in wearing underwear only or naked (naked is overkill for a first comp, but may be relevant in future, more closely contested events)
  • For your first comp don’t bother trying to make a specific bodyweight category unless I have told you to. There will be plenty of “opportunity” for this in future events. You should only ever make weight for a comp if there is a specific reason to do so
  • At weigh in you need to nominate weights for your first snatch and clean and jerk. These will be weights we have discussed, agreed and practiced successfully numerous times in training.



  • All your attempts for your first comp will be weights you have done successfully on a regular basis in training. As you become more comfortable and experienced in competition such pre-rehearsal in training will not be necessary, but for your first few comps you will be going to the competition day well-rehearsed.
  • Relax after weigh in until it is time to warm up
  • If you do not own a lifting suit,  wear close fitted shorts that finish above the knee and a singlet or collarless shirt that does not cover the elbows. Note you can wear under the costume or shorts and singlet close fitting bike pants that  cover the knees or  a close fitting bike top that covers the elbows or both (2 piece unitard or one piece unitard ).
  • Your belt must not be more than 12cm wide at any point – wrist bandages can be any length or width but not be within 5cm of elbow joint
  • 30min before the start of the competition get all you lifting gear on, including tape etc and do your light rolling and stretching – this should be finished  15min before the competition start time.
  • Lifters are lined up and presented to the crowd at the competition start time – be ready to line up at this time – when you head off the stage you will then have 10min until the first lifter is on the platform.
  • During a warm-up the coach will  guide the timing of your warm-up sets so you are ready just at the time you are called to the platform.
  • Normally a competition warm-up finishes on a weight just below the first platform attempt (e.g. If you are starting on 70kg your last warmup will be 67kg). HOWEVER, for the first couple of comps we will do the actual first platform attempt in the warm-up to ensure you feel more ready to do it on the platform
  • Once called to the platform, when you lift the weight you must stand motionless with the bar overhead and wait for the referees down signal. Be sure to wait for the signal before putting the bar down
  • You will be given 3 attempts at the snatch and 3 attempts at the CJ
  • You can get drug tested – Do not take ANY pre-workout and stop taking supplements at least a week before – check all medications on the ASADA website !
  • If you walk away from your first competition with 6 out of 6 successful lifts and feeling confident and like you could have done a bit heavier this is an ideal outcome !!