Physio’s Doctors, Masseuse, Dietitians etc

Sports Physiotherapist

Andrew McGough
Commonwealth Games Weightlifting and Gymnastics Physio
Clem Jones Centre Physio & Rehab Clinic
Clem Jones Centre
56 Zahel Street, CARINA  QLD  4152
Phone 07 3395 1400

Dan Morrison trains at Cougars
Has had excellent results with people at the club
190 Birkdale Rd,
Birkdale QLD  
 (07) 3822 2122

Sports Therapists 

 (The Sports Therapy Degree combines principles of both the traditional Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology – As Sports therapists focus solely on musculoskeletal rehabilitation and have a sports focused background, it makes them attractive to patients who are aiming to return to exercise.)

Paul Peglar
Start Training
(07) 3356 9119



Sports Doctors

Dr Roy Saunders – Sports Doctor for the State of Origin Team
Used to working with lifters and very thorough
17 Grey St
Ipswich, QLD
07 32023388

Dr Matthew Hislop
Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician
87 Riding Road Hawthorne Qld 4171
3899 0659


Musculoskeletal Therapist

Celeste Carson
worked with the QLD Reds, Brisbane Broncos, QLD Maroons, Wallabies and other varying elite sporting teams.
book well in advance !
Ph: 0423 796 423


(both offer big discounts for club members)

Amie Cox – trains at Cougars
Target Nutrition
0413 684 215
DEXA   (very accurate body fat muscle etc scan)
(discounted for club members)

Taylor Ryan



Nathan Eadie – Queensland Foot Services (QSMC)
812 Stanley St, Woolloongabba, 4102