Information on Boots, Bars Weights and other Equipment


QWA Boots

The QWA sells some made in China for $100- see

If your feet have stopped growing I would pay and get  the Adidas/Nike Boots  however  these are excellent beginner boots or for people not in regular lifting training




Nike Boots – Australian Store

nike-romaleos-ii-power-lifting-mens (2) nike-romaleos-ii-power-lifting-mens (1) nike-romaleos-ii-power-lifting-mens

 Adidas Boots – US Store

Not so good for wide feet
They charge around $45 AUD for shipping.
The best way to place an order is to ring the US with a credit card – I have found them to be very reliable and the order comes in about a week


V24382s G17563s




Schiek Belts – get the 3004 nylon or leather 2004 model (very popular) as its not more than 12cm wide (Lifting comp rules)
Buy on ebay or




Wrist Straps and Lifting Straps

(can be purchased at cost price from the club )

Wrist (wrist loop attached)  – (thumb loop attached)


Knee Wraps

Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps – PAIR



Foam Rollers



Lifting Costumes

US Order – Dynamic Fitness



 Training Diary

Ebay Training Diary