AWF Clubs Tournament – Cougars FTW !

AWF Clubs Tournament

Cougars won ALL the team events and the overall cup at the 2014 Australian Club Championships.


            Cougars President Damon Kelly  with the overall winners Trophy


The Winning Teams:
Senior Men: Robert Galsworthy Lukas Gardner Jonathan Coy
Senior Women: Erika Ropati Frost Tegan Napper Melissa Robinson
Junior Men: Josh Wu James Norman Josh Mak
Junior Women: Michelle Kahi Robin Parr Maddi Wu
Masters: Peter Foster Patrick Galligan Pito Levi

There is a lot of effort behind the scenes organizing the lifters for the clubs tournament especially now with everybody having to do the ASADA cert before they could enter.
I would like to thank my wife for her efforts in organizing the teams and for lifters like Rob Galsworthy for lifting for the club when their focus is the games.

Some notable good performances
Ashley Adams – 14Kg PB total
Declan Galligan 4kg PB – 10% of total 🙂
James Catlow-Elliott – 10kg PB
Jett Gaffney – 6kg PB – 10% of total 🙂
Lucy Graham 11kg PB
Marcus Lewis 13kg PB
Samantha Downs 15Kg PB !!

Records broken
Jett Gaffney M38 Under 15 QLD SNATCH 25kg
Jett Gaffney M38 Under 15 QLD TOTAL 60kg
Marcus Lewis M94 Youth QLD SNATCH 80kg
Marcus Lewis M94 Youth QLD CJ 103kg
Marcus Lewis M94 Youth QLD TOTAL 183kg

Results and Results Book

2014 AWF Club Tournament results book



 Jessica Edge Qualifying for the Commonwealth Games for Malta


                                                  The 82kg qualifying lift !

It was a huge weekend from another point of view as Jessica Edge who had moved to Cougars from South Australia to train
was trying to qualify to lift at the Commonwealth Games for Malta as a 53
Apart from a nervous starter on 59 snatch which she just got – she then lifted awesomely to do 64, 82 to make it into the team. – this was also a PB Sinclair

We were both emotional after she qualified as when we started the journey it looked a VERY tall order that she was going to make it.
She had not trained regularly since the end of September due to a knee injury and had to lose 4kg of bodyweight and also had the knee problem to manage and only had 5 weeks to go till the end of qualifying. Also a week out she got gastritis and was struggling to eat !!
But she got a good physio and dietitian to work with and worked very hard on training and recovery and lifted with great courage on the day to pull it off – great work Jess !