Day: June 5, 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Games Qualification Team Classification - 2016 Oceania Championships






To say it was an emotional and tense week at the Oceania championships was an understatement !

The coaches, team manager and athletes worked very well as a team to secure our two Rio nomination slots and also gave the Rio contenders the best chance under the circumstances to contend the sole male and female Australian Olympic Games nominations.

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Tia had a very successful championships and secured the sole Rio nomination slot and broke the QLD Snatch record with an 85Kg snatch at 58kg and was the 3rd best female of the championships on Sinclair this gave her also the top female Australian Sinclair ranking this year.

Damo was very very close to getting ahead of Simplice to go to Rio but just missed 217kg on the jerk in an amazing display of competition lifting,  it was very tough on all concerned with the decision being so close (2 reds to 1 white) - but taking a positive out of this he is very close to the old best total and injury free

Mitch was also very close to 143 snatch at 85 (just losing behind) which would have been a new Qld record - he was a lot more relaxed at this major event than last time - I was just so proud that he has made it back to represent Australia after such a frustrating time last year with injury.