Day: September 5, 2015

2015 Nationals

Detailed Results

Qld Won both the Senior and Junior Team Female Shields and was in 2nd Place in both the Male Senior and Junior Team Shields
Erika (coached by Angie) won best Female and was the first Australian female to do a double bodyweight CJ of 106Kg and Leo Lark (coached by Craig)  won best Junior Male

Mary Barter- National Senior Champion 48Kg - 1kg PB CJ and Total
James Norman - National Junior and Senior Champion 69kg  - 2kg PB snatch 3kg PB total
Josh Mak 6th Junior  69Kg
Ashley Adams 9th 85Kg
Kris Corrie 10th 85Kg 2kg PB total
Ebony Gorincu - National Senior Silver Medalist 1kg PB Snatch
Nanda Stoltz - National Senior Bronze Medalist
Leanne Knox 5th  - Masters 40-44 Snatch CJ and Total Records
Lydia Olsen - National Junior Champion 75Kg
Luke Gardner  - National Senior Silver Medalist 94kg
Regan Hams - National Senior Bronze Medalist 105Kg 1kg PB CJ and Total
Damon Kelly - National Senior Champion 105+Kg  and 2nd Best Overall lifter
Jackson Solofa 4th 105+ 2kg PB Snatch and Total

Video Interviews
Damon Kelly
James Norman
Mary Barter





The majority of people tend to only see the fabulous outcome that a successful person has achieved throughout their life.  These achievements blind us so that we often are not even aware of the huge efforts that were necessary to make these accomplishments possible. 

The next time you see a successful person you could try to direct your focus to the necessary efforts that this person had to make in order to achieve his accomplishments. If you are willing to make similar commitments and efforts you have the chance to become as successful as them.





2015 Crossfit Games

Congratulations to Tia Clair Toomey, Shane and CoachRx on her second place at the Crossfit Games and Rookie of the Year and also the first Australian ever to get a podium finish

Listen to her interview about the games