Day: June 30, 2015

Qld State Championships - a great 2 days of lifting


It was just a great State championships with lots of close battles and some awesome lifting !!

Maria Barter Gold 53  - PB Snatch and Total
Georgia Gaffney 58 Gold Junior Bronze Senior  - PB Snatch, CJ and Total by 7kg
Tia-Clair Toomey Gold 63  - PB Snatch and Total
Leanne Knox Silver 63
Nanda Stoltz Gold 69  - PB Snatch, CJ and Total by 13kg
Ebony Gorincu Silver 69 - PB Snatch, CJ and Total by 4kg
Emma Zawila 69 Gold Junior Bronze Senior PB Snatch
Lydia Jayne Olsen Gold Junior 75 - PB Snatch, CJ and Total by 6kg
Lucy Graham Gold 75+

Best Junior Female - Georgia Gaffney


Harrison Gaffney Gold Junior
James Norman 69 Gold - PB CJ
Josh Mak 69 Silver Junior  - PB CJ and Total by 3
Mitchell Delbridge 85 Silver
Shane Orr 85 Bronze PB CJ and Total by 6
Luke Gardner 94 Gold
Liam Hadfield Bronze 105 PB Snatch and Total by 3
Damon Kelly Gold 105+
Jackson Solofa Silver 105+ - PB Snatch, CJ and Total by 11kg

Best  Senior Male - Damon Kelly

Full Results


Thank you Brisbane Barbell for the great photos !