Day: August 1, 2008

Olympics - Damo and Miles Travel Dates

Damo's last day in the Gym before the Olympics will be Tues 2nd August
I think he will be back in the country on the 25th

He lifts on Tues 19th August at 17.30 or 19.00 Australian Time - depending on what session he lifts in.

His Olympic Games Team bio is here

I leave on the 13th August - last Coaching Session Tues 12th August and return on Friday
22nd August - but will be coaching at the USQ Club Comp that evening

Olympic Games Training Hall


Photo of Olympic Games Training Hall

Final Chance to Qualify for Qld Senior Championships

HI All

Please note Craig has moved his Club Comp to Fri 22nd August to allow
lifters another chance to qualify for the states

Joseph Coyne is going to try and qualify thereSteve Duhig and David Lipman maybe you should also have a go

The Standard is Youth Grade see

For participation information or other enquiries about this competition, contact Craig Wegert, USQ Weightlifting Club; email: